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Trailers for "Avengers – Endgame" and "Captain Marvel"

These two trailers hit within the last few days and while I really can't wait to watch "Captain Marvel", the excitement for "Avengers – Endgame" is bitter sweet.
Marvel has built up an amazing franchise starting with the first Iron Man movie. It has spawned an entire universe of movies, TV series, and other media that have entertained me for ten years. I really wonder how they are going to end this chapter with the last Avengers movie and what the next chapter will bring.

Photos March 2017

I can't believe how many pictures I shot in this month that I really wanted to keep and even print. Picking stuff to publish was even harder which is why I'm going to group the pictures in two sections; close-ups and animals.


I had bought the Fujifilm 16 mm macro extension ring again after having returned it once before. The first time around I simply didn't know how to approach shooting with it but after some reading and really just having walks with close-ups in mind, it clicked.


The first picture in here still classifies as a close-up, being shot with the macro extension ring and the XF90mmF2 R WR but it's also the picture of a bumble bee butt that I was super happy to capture.

Many of the vineyards around here have dry stone walls which serve as perfect homes for various critters and this little lizard is one of them.

And almost no photo post of mine is complete without a few pictures of dogs. The first picture must be one of my favourite shots of all time, capturing what is in my mind, the most photogenic dog I know. He's absolutely clueless and kind but was very patient with me.


Last Week Tonight segment on Authoritarianism

Another brilliant segment produced by John Oliver's team. It's something people in the U.S. should watch because their country is being turned into an authoritarian regime piece by piece, day by day. The institutions John Oliver mentions as protecting U.S. citizens from the bad impulses of Trump are being steadily dismantled by him and his cronies.

If the people this country don't stand up and start to work against it, they will soon find themselves in a country with no law but the word of their Führer. The poor sods who helped him gain power, the ones cheering for him at his Nuremberg Rally rallies, cheering for the abuse he screams at the press, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and any other enemy-of-the-day Trump conjures, will be the first to suffer once the economy plummets completely because the kleptocratic swamp Trump has created looted the country for everything that it was worth, and they will be the first ones he sends to die if he starts a war to distract from his domestic failures.

The dulcet tones of a husky

I love dogs, I believe that we humans don't deserve these amazing companions, and I'm also acutely aware that when considering a husky as a family member, you have to take into account how communicative they can be.

So without further ado, I present the husky fire alarm:

Empfehlung: Schotterradelstrecke im und um den Mattheiser Wald

Ich habe seit etwas über einem Jahr wieder enorm Spaß am Radfahren und bin beim Fahrradtyp CX/Gravel hängengeblieben. Leider sind viele Strecken auf Komoot eher für Mountainbikes ausgelegt und mit einem ungefederten CX-Rad kommt man da häufig weder gut rauf, noch gesund runter (selbst, wenn ich als Streckentyp "Fahrrad mit Schotter" angebe).

Ich bastele mir also seit einiger Zeit so meine eigenen Touren und teile hier meine erste, fertige Tour. Sie verbringt viel Zeit auf Schotterpfaden, Waldautobahnen, in den Weinbergen, und unbefestigten Wegen im Wald. Außerdem gibt es am Anfang/Ende einen richtig hübschen Anstieg den Petrisberg hoch. Start- und Endpunkt ist das Restaurant "Jahreszeiten" am Turm Luxemburg, in dem ich immer wieder gerne einkehre.

Viel Spaß!

Republicans, the Government Overreach Party

This editorial cartoon drawn by Bruce MacKinnon and published in The Chronicle Herald popped up in my Twitter feed this morning and I'm alternating between amazement, speechlessness, sadness, and fear for the U.S.A.

Bruce MacKinnon's editorial cartoon for Sept. 29, 2018. - Bruce MacKinnon, Copyright: The Chronicle Herald Bruce MacKinnon's editorial cartoon for Sept. 29, 2018, Copyright: The Chronicle Herald

The cartoon shows the arms of a person pinning down the blindfolded Lady Justice on a bed, with a hand over her mouth, in reference to the accusation made by Christine Blasey Ford against Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee. The cufflinks of the abuser have the GOP's elephant on them.

I think this is an amazing piece of political satire, absolute genius. I'm German, I live in Germany, I'm only indirectly affected by what happens over there but the proceedings of last week, which were hard to ignore even over here, had me speechless so many times.
To me, it's inconceivable that the GOP props up a man for the highest judicial position in the country, who has had a number of credible accusations of sexual assault, and testimony of character leveled against him, that absolutely disqualifies him not just for the Supreme Court but for any position in the judicial system. And that doesn't even cover the frankly insane and disgraceful performance before the Judicial Committee which betrays a deep disdain for the rule of law, hatred towards women, and shows a complete lack of capacity for impartiality.

It's sad that U.S. politics is at a point where the Republicans, who have long been a danger to the U.S.A., are now willing to risk the last shred of independence of the Supreme Court to push through their agenda of hate, misogyny, homophobia, and shameless pursuit of power over other people, all of it driven by nothing but greed.

The fear that if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, the U.S. will deteriorate into an autocracy even faster, is very real and I sincerely hope that the people of the U.S. realise this and stand up before it is too late.

Side note:

This morning I read about an interesting case the Supreme Court is going to decide very soon: "Gamble vs. US"
Some people on Twitter argued that the true reason the GOP and Trump want to push Kavanaugh into a SCOTUS seat, is so he can rule on the above case.
At its core, the lawsuit is about a weapon possessions charge and whether a defendant can be tried for the same charge by both state and federal authorities (so called "double jeopardy"). Several people argue that a decision to prevent state and federal authorities from prosecuting someone for the same crime, could mean that a federal pardon from Trump, might prevent state authorities from prosecuting a person and would thus minimise the pressure state prosecutors can put on defendants in cases linked to Trump.