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Photos January 2017

A month that started pretty meager in terms of photography but ended with a bang. At the end of January it was time for the annual company conference, which we spend it on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. This time I took a few days in Miami and Fort Lauderdale beforehand and visited the Everglades National Park.

A friend and I went there fairly early in the morning and rented two bicycles to take a 16-mile round course. It was great and I really want to do it again.

I crouched before this one about two metres away. I had never seen an alligator in the wild before and this was an absolute treat.

This dove was walking on the top deck of the ship like it owned the place. It was very cute.

Dove on deck

I never had a shot from a plane window come out this nice.

Ich warte noch drauf, CDU… na?

Eines meiner Kernprobleme mit den Einschränkungen des Ausdrucks von Religionszugehörigkeit. Es geht meistens darum nicht-christliche Religionen, Glaubensrichtungen, oder Philisophien aus dem öffentlichen Raum zu halten.

Den Tweet hier oben finde ich einen tollen ersten Vorstoß. Wir sollten damit weitermachen, dass das Unternehmen Kirche sich selbst finanziert und zwar völlig. Keine Kirchensteuer, keine separat davon durch Steuern gezahlten Gehälter der Angestellten der Kirche, etc.