Annoying first world camera choice problem

I’m contemplating switching camera systems (Fujifilm to something full-frame). My main requirements are (in order of importance):

  • high-resolution sensor (45+ MP)
  • absence of a PASM dial,
  • solid ergonomics,
  • excellent auto-focus,
  • high-resolution electronic viewfinder
  • high-quality 35 mm prime lenses available.

The top contenders right now are the Nikon Z8 and the Canon R5 (although I would wait for the rumored Mark II of the latter).

Both cameras have a 45 MP sensor, so that’s a tie and 45 MP on full-frame is good because it’s not too dense, in my opinion. Both cameras do not have a PASM dial, which I appreciate. On the ergonomics side the Nikon Z8 is pretty much perfect; tried it recently and it fits my hands perfectly. The physical controls feel slightly overloaded compared to the Canon R5 (which is no less functional). Reviews have one believe that the autofocus on the Z8 slightly beats the R5 but I think for my uses both are equally sufficient bordering on overkill. The viewfinder on the Z8 is 3.something million dots compared to the 5.76 million dots on the Canon (and the X-H2 I currently shoots with) and the difference is substantial.

35 mm lenses is where they both fall down, based on what I’ve read. If find that confusing. Yes there are excellent, if large zooms that cover this focal length but I’m quite disappointed that both systems apparently don’t offer high-quality 35 mm optics that are sharp at their largest apertures.

What I’d love is a Sony A7C R with the control scheme of a Fujifilm X-E series camera and a viewfinder with at least 3.6 million dots. Because Sony, of all companies has lots of good 35 mm options (both native and from Sigma).

From an ergonomics (grip and control scheme) perspective the Leica SL3 would be my dream camera (not the least because there are reasonably priced Sigma lenses available for it) but the auto-focus, despite being leaps-and-bounds better than on the SL2, can’t hold a candle to the offerings from Nikon, Canon, and Sony, heck, not even compared to Fujifilm.

All of this is a first world problem but it’s still annoying.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney