What‘s old is new again: road bike geometry edition

🚲 Just read a review of the Lauf Úthald road bike on Bikerumor. The editor talked at length about the novel approach to slacker head angles that Lauf is using to make their road bike fast and less twitchy. Tyler Benedict praised the bike for not just feeling fast because of it but being confident and stable at speed thanks to this geometry.

Reading this is all made sense and I believe we‘re going to see more of it but when I arrived at the geometry table, the values seemed familiar. I opened the Van Nicholas home page, found the Yukon Disc and wouldn’t you know it: my bike has highly comparable values. So this audax bike, this long-distance endurance bike that’s been around for years and where the geometry hasn’t changed much over time is actually cutting edge. 😏

And hey, I can confirm Tyler‘s findings: a slightly slacker head angle and more fork rake makes for a very stable ride even at speed without letting the bike feel sluggish or unresponsive.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney