Two email addresses important to me showed up in data breaches 😤

Over the past month, three services that I use or used had their customer databases compromised. Two of my most-used email addresses are now being hammered with spam, phishing attempts, and attempts to reset my passwords.

I’m in a fairly comfortable position because I’m a) aware that the breaches happened, b) work in the industry and have a pretty good understanding of the types of problems that come with data breaches, c) use 2FA wherever possible, d) use strong, random and unique passwords everywhere thanks to 1Password (coincidentally also where I work), and e) I can limit the fallout from these addresses being leaked reasonably quickly by changing the email addresses for any important accounts to aliases in Fastmail and using the Fastmail × 1Password “Masked Email” feature for less important accounts. f) Once that is done, I’ll simply delete the email addresses altogether.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney