This continues to be one of my favourite web comics of all time. I have a print of it over the desk in my office and it puts a grin on my face every time I look at it. Comic by Jane Zei of The Pigeon Gazette.

Four-pane comic panel. Panel 1 shows two friends trying to convince a third to come out of a dressing room at the beach. The friend complains that it’s embarrassing because they are too pale. Panel 2 shows the third person stepping into view, a shining like a light bulb because they are so pale. In Panel 3 one of the two others says that one can barely tell they’re so pale, while the other screams “The Beacons are lit!” in reference to the scene from Lord of the Rings. Panel 4 shows one of the friends continuing to placate the other, telling them they’ll get tanned in no time while the other friend is seen running away screaming “Gondor calls for aid!” continuing the reference to Lord of the Rings.
Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney