A short chronology of events:

  1. The Mandalorian – Chapter 11: Bo-Katan Kryze1 tells the Din Djarin to seek out Ahsoka on a forest planet. My jaw drops and I squeal with excitement. I rewind that scene, rewatch it, squeal again.
  2. The Mandalorian – Chapter 13: We meet Ahsoka. Thrawn is mentioned, hinting at a larger quest to be explored by her. I watch that episode five times.2
  3. Disney announces a metric ton of new projects, among them an Ahsoka series. I almost faint.3

Ahsoka is by far (as in “no other character comes close”) my favourite character in the Star Wars universe. Her development, her character arc in the Clone Wars TV series is second to none, especially if you watch the last season, released on Disney+ earlier in 2020 and read the excellent book by E.K. Johnston called “Star Wars: Ahsoka”.

I still have a hard time containing my excitement and delight at seeing Ahsoka come to life (action) in this episode of The Mandalorian. Rosario Dawson, in my eyes, captured the character perfectly, down to the little mannerisms Ahsoka had in the latter seasons of The Clone Wars. I seriously cannot wait to see her reprise the role in a series centred around this force-wielding Togruta.

I’m writing this post a lot later than I had planned—life, amirite?—and I want to share two podcasts that only increased my enjoyment of the episode and pointed out a few things that I didn’t notice during the first two or three times I watched the episode.
Firstly, the recap of the episode on the Desi Geek Girls podcast with the excellent Swapna Krishna and Preeti Chhibber. Secondly, Dan Moren’s and guest Kelly Guimont’s discussion of the episode on the teevee podcast “A Complicated Profession”.

The most difficult thing about this is going to be the wait. Ah well.

  1. To be perfectly honest; I also squealed when Bo-Katan and her Mandalorian compatriots showed up. That was just too good. ↩︎

  2. Ok, more like seven times. ↩︎

  3. Kinda like this↩︎

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney