Recap of my weekend (week 34)


  • Slept in. Really.
  • Had an extended, Hobbit-worthy breakfast outside watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was frequently interrupted by raucous sparrows and blackbirds in our garden.
  • Switched the PressFit bottom bracket in my commuter bike. Another bike maintenance first for me and it went better than expected.
  • Cooked a very tasty dish that was enjoyed on the terrace along with a cold beer.
  • Combined the weekend grocery shopping with a bicycle ride and I was properly exhausted back home, lugging a heavily laden bike trailer.


  • Slept in even longer than on Saturday.
  • Made a proper English breakfast for my partner and I.
  • Booked a hut in the alps for our upcoming vacation.
  • Went hiking on the “Menzenschwander Geißenpfad”. A positively mellow 10.something hike inside a valley.
  • Ended the weekend watching DS9 in the sitting room with my partner, our two exhausted dogs snoring gently on the couch.

Relaxing weekend.

Mika lit up by  the setting sun

Looking towards the village of Menzenschwand from the edge of the forest over a rough and narrow footpath

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney