First ride to St. Märgen

What a fun morning ride.

Strava map of ride on 2020_08_18

I’ve been meaning to take the road up to St. Märgen for a while now but was hesitant because it’s quite a long climb. Having tackled the road to the top of the Schauinsland last week, I was sure I’d be able to do this without too much pain.
It turns out that the climb is quite mellow and manageable, which was a welcome surprise. I was properly exhausted at the top, of course, because 16 km at an average gradient of 5% is not nothing but the views from St. Märgen and the area surrounding it, as well as the descent back down into the valley more than made up for it.

Smooth tarmac road through the forest up to St. Märgen

More smooth tarmac flanked by the forest

View down the Buchenbachtal

View down the Ibental

Obligatory glamour shot of Swift Wind, my road bike

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney