Recap of my weekend (week 32)


  • Cycled up one of the higher mountains in this region for the first time (Schauinsland).
  • Met up with my partner at the mountain top for a snack before riding back down and immensely enjoying the descent.
  • Started working on my latest bike rebuild project.
  • Had barbecue with our neighbours.
  • Found out that if humidity is low in the evening, the light pollution is mild enough to be able to see the Milky Way from the garden.


  • Slept in and had an extensive breakfast.
  • Spent some time editing photos from the ride the previous day.
  • Cooked with family, had ice cream.
  • Finished the bike rebuild project late in the evening — YAY!
  • Ended the day having freshly made, and still warm plum cake, along with a glass of cold milk, while watching the Perseids.

This was a good weekend.

Happy Monday, everyone.

Vista from a forest path overlooking the Attental

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney