Impressions from a morning walk in the fog

We met up with a friend and her dog on a hilltop fairly close to our place for a morning walk. The weather promised some nice photo opportunities, so I took my X-T3 and the 35/2 lens with me. Not only was it a nice walk with great company, the pictures I got out of it didn’t disappoint, either.

Winter field with frost covering the green and the sun behind fog, a tree in stark contrast

A large dog running towards a flock of crows taking flight lit from behind by the sun behind thick fog

A full body portrait of a small red-haired dog sitting in a field surrounded by soft fog and lit by a weak sun

Backlight portrait of a large dog in front of a foggy field

A downward sloping field swallowed by fog in the distance, a high-voltage transmission line on the left

I couldn’t decide between using the Astia, ProNeg High, and Classic Chrome film simulations in a lot of places, so the pictures above are a mix of them.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney