Trees and shadows and a dog happy to be in the forest

We visited family over the weekend in a rather unplanned manner. On Saturday the weather was better than expected and we immediately used this opportunity to fuel up on some sun.
The northern part of the Kottenforst forest has suffered in the storms over the past few years and a lot of trees had to be cut down so it’s not the prettiest area to take a walk in right now but the seasons’s characterstics and low standing sun made for beautiful views.
I still find it hard to edit high-contrast scenes forest scenery like this to properly capture what I saw and the mood of the moment but these two came out pretty well.

Trees creating high-contrast shadows in front of a late autumn afternoon sun

Forest path covered in red leaves with trees creating orthogonal shadows

Our two dogs (only Mika pictured here) had a lot of fun and their noses got a good workout because there’s still many wild animals in that area. Mika cracks me up every time because unless you capture her in action, she always looks like she’s posing.

Mika running towards me through a forest clearing covered in leaves

Portrait of Mika in front of a blurred-out forest

(For those interested, all photos were shot with the Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the XF35mmF2 R WR lens and edited in Lightroom mobile with the Velvia film simulation. Side note about the last part: I find that LR’s version of Velvia has a slightly too strong magenta tinge so I typically remove 5–15 points in the white balance settings.)

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney