Recognising and preventing right wing radicalization of young white boys on the internet

My friend Nik retweeted this Twitter thread by Joanna Schroeder a couple of days ago and it stuck with me. A more or less coordinated but definitely intense campaign has been going on online for a number of years now that primes young males to fall for and consider right wing, fascist, hateful ideologies and the groups that propagate them their only safe haven, the only place that understands them. This exploits a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity and preys on young males in their fragile emotional states, driven by their craving for recognition and acceptance.

The thread explores a number of avenues are used by hate groups and right wing radicals and proposes a few ways to combat this. Please read it and if you’re inclined follow the various links to similar research and journalistic coverage of this radicalization campaign.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney