Last Week Tonight segment on Authoritarianism

Another brilliant segment produced by John Oliver's team. It's something people in the U.S. should watch because their country is being turned into an authoritarian regime piece by piece, day by day. The institutions John Oliver mentions as protecting U.S. citizens from the bad impulses of Trump are being steadily dismantled by him and his cronies.

If the people this country don't stand up and start to work against it, they will soon find themselves in a country with no law but the word of their Führer. The poor sods who helped him gain power, the ones cheering for him at his Nuremberg Rally rallies, cheering for the abuse he screams at the press, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and any other enemy-of-the-day Trump conjures, will be the first to suffer once the economy plummets completely because the kleptocratic swamp Trump has created looted the country for everything that it was worth, and they will be the first ones he sends to die if he starts a war to distract from his domestic failures.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney