Photos March 2016

Turns Out™, I'm not putting up photo posts often enough. It's March 2017 and I'm finally showing pictures I took about a year ago.

Gelbe Tulpen vorm Fenster

Yellow tulips in front of a window. The way the afternoon light shone through the petals caught my eye.

Windows frontage of the Trier University highrise

This was a test shot with a new wide-angle lens I had bought, checking it for distortions. Goes to show that sometimes the most mundane things can look really nice.

Mika's front paws

Taking a short break on a walk with my dogs, the little dog finally got comfortable on the wooden lounger we sat down on. Mika is a sweet dog and her little paws always remind me more of a cat's than a dog's. This isn't helped by the fact that she tends to behave like a cat sometimes. She's a rescue that a family member adopted when she was already about four years old and I always suspected that she grew up with cats.


Another snapshot from a walk with the dogs. I really love how the sun lit up the green woven metal benches.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney