Brian Jones's Leica Experiment

Brian Jones, a scientist whose photography work I admire, has written an article about his recent experiences using Leica cameras again.

It's a good read that paints a picture of a brand that is letting their well-earned reputation as one of the top manufacturers for photographic tools slip away due to overconfidence and scant regard for their customers.
This is best examplified by the following passage:

The problem is, when it came time for the Monochrom to be serviced, I’ve not been able to get it back within anything close to a reasonable amount of time. The Leica Monochrom camera has been undergoing service with Leica for literally six months now. Say that with me… six months… SIX MONTHS! Imagine you acquired or invested a substantial amount of money in a product that was supposed to return either 1) satisfaction from use or 2) return on investment as a tool by not only paying for itself, but also earning you income.

As someone who has developed a serious interest in photography over the last two years, Leica cameras and optics fascinate me. The reputation the brand has and the undeniably great optics that are out there, really have me itching to buy a one of their camera and a lens or two.
Unfortunately reports like this—and I've been told similar things by other photographers—make me doubt that I will ever purchase a rangefinder camera of theirs.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney