Safari in iOS 9 will allow ad-blocking extensions

I just read about this on Apple is going to allow content-blocking extensions in mobile Safari. Android has had this for a while and I was wondering how long it would take Apple to add/allow this kind of technology in iOS. There are many interesting connections to be made here:

One is Apple making clear that iOS can be a viable work platform and Apple is allowing users to remove unwanted distractions. This isn't something only consumers will be interested in but also corporations that deploy iOS devices, when factoring in the potential bandwidth savings when using adblockers on mobile devices. I think it makes a lot of sense in light of Apple's recently established cooperation with IBM and it might convince even more companies to deploy iOS devices (especially because these content-blocking extensions don't have to be limited to ads).

I would also say that Apple sees the potential to improve users' browsing experience and privacy on iOS devices and it says something about Apple's regard, or lack thereof, for the state of advertisments on websites today.

With that in mind, Apple allowing ads in iOS 9's new News app sends a mixed message to content publishers. I'm sure more than one media and ad agency executive will interpret this as, "If you want your readers to see ads and make money off of them, you should really take a look at our News app." or depending on your mindset even, "That's a nice ad business you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it."

From my perspective as a consumer, I don't have much against what Apple is doing here, especially given Apple's history of trying—with an emphasis on trying—to improve ads on mobile devices with their iAds product. The few times I saw iAds in apps and on sites, I found them a lot less annoying than everything else that is out there.
Of course, this will only hold true, if Apple not only mandates design standards for content in the upcoming News app but also for the way ads are presented to a reader.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney