Useful tip for TextWrangler users

TextWrangler is a very good text editor by Bare Bones Software. It's—as the developers call it—the "little brother" to their flagship product BBEdit.
It has always been more than sufficient for any of my HTML/CSS coding needs and I'm very grateful to Bare Bones Software for making this product free.

This site is hosted on and in order to make it look as I want it to, I sometimes have to edit the themes I use slightly. Since I'm mucking around in the code of the theme, whenever the original theme author makes a siginificant change/improvement to it, I have to manually re-add my modifications to the code.

This was usually a very tiresome job, because I kept going through each file (like the styles.css) line-by-line, looking for comments I made.
Today I found an easier way to compare two versions of a file in TextWrangler:

  1. Open the old and the new version of a file with TextWrangler.
  2. Highlight both files in Textwrangler's sidebar.
  3. Right-click, and select 'Compare'.

This will open both files in windows next to each other and another window at the bottom of the screen, highlighting the differences between both.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney