Ars Technica's profile of Grado Labs

Ars Technica's Casey Johnston (one of my favourite authors on Ars Technica BTW), wrote a profile of Grado Labs, a company that everyone looking for the right pair of headphones has stumbled across at some point.

The article is nicely written and the accompanying video is well worth a watch. It shows a company focussed on quality and craftsmanship and above all, great sounding headphones. Here's the link.

Grado headphones aren't for everybody. Over the years I tried a few Grado phones and even though the sound signature wasn't my thing, the overall sound quality was pretty darn amazing.

Reading the linked article I realised once again how happy I am that I found a pair of earphones with a sound signature that makes me grin stupidly every time I put them into my ears.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney