Apple and the myth of shareholder value

Listening to the current episode of Angry Mac Bastards this morning reminded me that I wanted to write a couple of sentences related this great article by Philip Elmer-Dewitt, in which he calls bullshit on some ”analysis“ done by Trip Chowdry.

Chowdry's—and feel free to replace him with any other so-called analyst—claim is that Apple's doomed because they've destroyed shareholder value as the stock fell from ~ $700 to ~ $400 (and we all know how that happened).

I'm going to share a piece of wisdom here:

It's not shareholder value that counts, it's stakeholder value that counts.
More specifically the value a company creates for its present and potential customers.

Because that's what brings in the money. And Apple's good at that.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney