Quick tip for Scrivener users

I’m writing my Master of Arts thesis at the moment. This involves a lot of copying and pasting (HA!) of bits of text from various sources. It also means that I have to deal with many different layouts and text formats.
In order not to have to change the style of everything I paste into a document manually, I use the “Paste and Match Style” shortcut, which is bound to the key combination “⌘+⌥+⇧+V” by default.

Often enough I find myself hitting “⌘+V” instead, ending up with text that’s formatted differently than my document. As Scrivener doesn’t offer a way to change the default behaviour, I simply set two keyboard shortcut overrides for Scrivener in the keyboard shortcuts section of the System Preferences:

  • “Paste and Match Style” is now bound to “⌘+V”
  • and the regular “Paste” is now bound to “⌘+⌃+V”

Of course, this works for almost all applications as well, but make sure to type the menu item name exactly as it appears in the application’s menu.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney