ERMAHGERD of the day #2:, a weather site by the developers of the Dark Sky app for iOS

The makers of the universally lauded Dark Sky app for iOS, have unveiled their latest project; a weather website:

[…] we decided to do something grander: create our own full-featured weather service from scratch, complete with 7-day forecasts that cover the whole world, beautiful weather visualizations, and a time machine for exploring the weather in the past and far future. You can access it from all of your devices, whether it be your laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.

Read the announcement blog post for an overview of all the features.

But there’s more: is not only free, it even has a public API:

On top of all that, we’re providing this data to other developers, in the hopes that a truly independent weather community can thrive in the era of increasing corporate consolidation.

The developers are also working hard to expand their precipitation forecast service found in the Dark Sky application to countries around the world as fast as they can — which I honestly am really excited about.

I always keep a weather app on the first page of my homescreen of my iPhone and iPad, it’s going to be interesting to see whether this website can replace the native app I use on both devices (Marco Arment seems to think so).

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney