A bleak future for gaming.

This is what game studios like EA would love to see: consumers valuing virtual things in virtual games the same way they value their real life equivalents, making us pay through the nose to ‘enjoy’ the games the produce.

I'm not buying it, literally.
I'm not saying that freemium games have no place in this world—there are after all games that make excellent use of this concept—but it should never be a sleazy method of gaming customers for their money just so they can play.
If you don't think that's what EA's doing with Real Racing 3, check out TouchArcade's review of the game.

I'd have gladly paid $ 20,– for this game, but the way it looks now, I won't be playing it at all. Oh and you should check out Tycho Brahe's commentary to the above comic.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney