Apple to produce a Mac line in the U.S. — Now which one could it be?

Remember a few months ago when Tim Cook announced during an Apple keynote that the company would have something in stock for Mac Pro users in 2013? Well, today Mr. Cook announced in an interview that Apple is planning to produce an entire line of Mac computers in the USA. You can watch the video here (link courtesy of Dave Caolo).

When asked how much a product like this would cost, Cook said that the price wasn't going to be an issue when producing over here, which is curious. He also said that it wasn't so much about bringing high tech manufacturing back to the U.S., but bringing it to the U.S. in the first place.

There are two things that came to mind when he said this:

Cook is an operations mastermind and if anybody can make this happen in a way that is viable for Apple, I believe it's him.

The computer I could see being manufactured in the U.S.A. is an updated Mac Pro line. The reasons are the following:
Firstly, with these machines price really isn't much of an issue; the Mac Pro has been the most expensive product in Apple's line up for a long time. A price bump due to the higher production costs in the U.S. should be accepted more readily by customers who are willing to spend upwards of $ 3000,– for a PC anyway.
Secondly—and more importantly—Apple doesn't have to churn out huge quantities of the Mac Pro in a short time. They can give workers in the U.S. the time to do their job in order to guarantee the quality customers expect from Apple.

The last thing that I think is not to be misunderstood is Apple's reasoning for doing this: This is not a political move. From my understanding of the company, it's another attempt by Apple to exert more control over the manufacturing process of their devices. This is something they have to sacrifice when producing in China.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney