David Chartier: An unordered list of words that have lost all meaning


Thanks to software trends, pop culture, entitled customers, the tech press, and the next meme on your favorite site, these words (and one acronym) have been stripped of their intrinsic value and almost all hope of meaning. In no particular order:

  • premium
  • sexy
  • awesome
  • revolutionary
  • HD
  • beta
  • literally
  • pro
  • killer
  • instant
  • amazing
  • seriously

Did I miss any?


  • epic
  • open
  • curated
  • finally
  • expensive (as in: “$2.99 for an app is SO expensive”)

The list is pretty extensive, but I’d add ‘immersive’, ‘disruptive’ and ‘game-changing’.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney