David Chartier: Apple's fall from grace - BGR

David Chartier: Apple’s fall from grace - BGR


Zach Epstein:

But an interesting takeaway from yesterday’s announcement may simply be that Apple has fallen from grace in some respects. Apple is fallible, even if the 4S ends up being a success. A company that could do no wrong in recent history just, well, did wrong in the eyes of pundits who had previously viewed every Apple product announcement as a gift from the heavens.

Oh no, not the poor, never-wrong-in-a-million-years pundits! Say it ain’t so, BGR.

Related: can anyone offer a rational explanation as to why BGR is worth reading? Its rumors are consistently wrong and, in the last year or two, it’s stooped to publishing baseless pre-event bullshit for pageviews.

I think Apple doesn’t give a shit what most of the pundits think and why should they. The disconnect between what pundits value and what consumers value is growing bigger and bigger and thus the irrelevance of pundits who equate their own needs with those of the average consumer.

These people will undoubtedly slam a feature like ‘Find my Friends’ because they don’t understand it or have no real use for it, and because of that it has to be worthless to everybody else. John Welch nicely paraphrased it in this tweet.

As to BGR: It, Gizmodo, Engadget and the likes mostly exist so the kind of person I was talking about in the first paragraph can still feel relevant.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney