I followed the event on Twitter, Arstechnica.com and Macworld.com (as long as their live blogs were up).

I wasn’t overly impressed, but far from disappointed:

  • We finally have a shipping date for iOS 5 and iCloud (Oct. 12th), which is what I was most interested in.
  • The ‘Family and Friends’ feature is a nice addition that will surely come in handy sometime.
  • The new watch faces for the iPod nano might be whimsical, but I think they are a nice touch.
  • I think the Touch deserved some kind of hardware upgrade, not just a new colour, something like a storage bump to 128 Gb.
  • The iPhone 4S is a logical upgrade, with a nice speed bump, longer battery life, impressive theoretical 3G speeds and an incredible upgrade to the camera. The latter feature is the most tempting for me, because I shoot a lot of pictures with my iPhone 4. I really don’t mind them sticking with the design, as I find it to be the best since the original iPhone and one of Apple’s best designs, period.
  • Siri I’m going to have to try in person. As a Star Trek geek I’m excited about the feature, but a bit sceptical; the demo sounded too good to be true.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney