Effects of the TouchPad fire sale on RIM's PlayBook

Curious Rat: First the TouchPad, Now the PlayBook is On Sale

Via Electronista:

Best Buy hinted at possible sluggish sales of the BlackBerry PlayBook by starting a new sale on RIM’s tablet. The deal takes $50 off of the 16GB and 32GB tablets and a much steeper $150 off of the 64GB version, putting it at the exact same price as the 32GB model. The retailer hasn’t said how long the sale will last

I’ve seen how this story ends - the boat sinks.

Horace Dediu talked on his podcast about how HP’s fire sale of the TouchPad might negatively affect consumers’s price expectations for Android tablets and I think this is just the beginning.
Anything that isn’t the iPad competes on price with each other and HP has just made RIM’s life a lot harder. 

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney