advertising’s image of women. watch this and get your mind blown. 

This is very succinct, powerful and disturbing. Most importantly of all, it’s the truth. Please watch this video.

DUDE, Kate Winslet is amazing 

Holy shit this was amazing. We should all remember this next time we look in the mirror.

This is brilliant.

Yes. Worth the time to watch.

The presenter makes a great point. It might be a bit hard to swallow that sexy/demeaning pictures of women in advertising lead to violence against women, but no matter how many steps exist between an image and the act of violence against a human, because the assailant has decided that his victim isn’t human (enough), the point stands.

Speaking for myself, I find that Cindy Crawford looks orders of magnitude more beautiful in the left picture (shown in the video around time index 01:25) than in the right. I don’t like dolls, I like women.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney