No one is safe – How the editor of Windows magazine became an Apple fanboy

I don’t usually link to Cult of Mac, but this article merits an exception. Mike Elgan, former editor of the Windows Magazine realises that he has —slowly but steadily— become an Apple fanboy.

Even though I resent the term and he clarifies that he means “satisfied Apple customer” by that in the end, it is a nicely written piece, showing just how rationally thinking persons can ‘fall’ for Apple products.

This is the money quote:

Other companies could do extraordinary things in the future. Apple could falter. If all that happens, I’ll be happy to switch again. I have no unreasonable loyalty to Apple. I’m just a satisfied customer.

But my story should be a cautionary tale for the entire industry. At this particular moment, Apple has struck upon a devastating strategy for taking control of the consumer electronics industry and mainstream computing: Build simple, elegant, functional and beautiful devices at all points in the consumer electronics chain. The cheap little devices like iPods and iPhones charm people, and build trust and affinity for Apple, predisposing them to choose Apple for the bigger-ticket items.

Thanks to Kontra and Glenn Fleishman for the link.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney