Over the last few days Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has written a few pieces on the rather strange things RIM’s two co-CEOs said in interviews (articles 12 & 3).
All of the things Mr. Dalrymple wrote were accurate — albeit a bit tongue-in-cheek — yet in the comments of each post there was a rabid RIM supporter — of the trollish kind — feeling the need to bash Apple, the iPad in particular and praise RIM’s soon to be released iPad competitor to high heavens.

What these close to fanatic RIM fans don’t understand is, the iPad desperately needs an actual competitor, because even a company like Apple can become complacent. Nothing spurs innovation like healthy competition.

By all means, I want the PlayBook to be good (and HP’s tablet, too), I want it to be all the things that RIM has been promising customers for months.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney