Sometimes I want to hit myself with a shovel

This is one of these situations. I signed up for, a bookmarking service, that’s hellishly fast, very flexible and most of all; simple.

I was looking for a service that allowes me to save and organise links on certain topics efficiently. I need to do a lot of web research for four different term papers and for my master’s thesis.
The recent kerfuffle brought to my attention again — I remembered having read about it a while back, but I didn’t know when and why.

It took me 10 minutes to get through the feature list and the ‘getting started’ material to realise this is the service I’m looking for.
It then took me five more minutes to sign up, paying the $9.25 for the service.

The bookmark archiving feature requires a subscription, which costs $25 per year and I will upgrade to an archival account soon.

Now, why would I want to hit myself with a shovel?

Well, while I was sifting through my old bookmarks in Safari today, deleting unnecessary old stuff, I found a bookmark with this title:

Very interesting new bookmark service ‘’ for currently $1.50

Generously reduces the price of the first year of the archival account by the the amount of the initial subscription fee, so I will not loose any money;

But OH MY GOD could that service have saved me time and work had I subscribed back then.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney