Podcast recommendation: On Apple and rumours

Joshua Schnell recently spoke to Jim Dalrymple and Stephen Hackett about dealing with rumours about Apple and technology in general, the process of deciding what to post on their blogs and journalistic quality in a business that often relies on pages views and ad revenue.

A very insightful discussion on the insanity that is the Apple/tech sphere that I can wholeheartedly recommend.


I’ve completely stopped reading sites like Gizmodo, Apple Insider, MacRumours and the likes, simply because they provide nothing of value anymore; they just spew unsubstantiated bits of information at their readers.

On the other hand I really enjoy reading both macgasm and The Loop, because they provide well filtered and well written content on topics that I’m interested in. Sites like the aforementioned are a refreshing change from the incessant chatter that surrounds Apple.

A few of the other sites that I enjoy for the same reasons are asymco.comdaringfireball.netarstechnica.comMacworld, and The Macalope.

Oh and no one should go out of the house without the current episode of Angry Mac Bastards on their iPhone/iPod, because they cut through the bullshit like a hot bat’leth through butter.

Alex Hoffmann @mangochutney