Well shit

Robin McLaurin Williams
* July 21st, 1951
✝ August 11th, 2014

Robin Williams-9

In 2007 I was introduced to Robin Williams's stand-up work. I knew most of his movies, but I didn't know just how great of a comedian he was. A friend I made in Beijing reenacted his Scotish golfer routine (making me snort lemonade through my nose) and I knew I had to see the entire thing.
I managed to get my hands on a copy of the 2002 Live on Broadway show and had to stop playback multiple times while watching because my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. It is, to this day, the funniest stand-up show I've seen.

Rest in peace.

That was… surprisingly good

My friend Dave Brown just shared this. Watch it, it's worth it.

Speaking of selfies…

The Wikimedia Foundation is refusing to remove the below photo from their site, after the owner of the camera claimed he has the copyright to it. Apparently it's not a clear-cut case. Here's the entire story on Vox.

Monkey Selfie Photograph by: The monkey (shot with photographer David Slater's camera)
Image source: Wikimedia Foundation
Found on: The Loop

Statue selfies

I think this might be the apex of the selfie trend.
Somewhere ancient figures are spinning in their graves right now.





Found on: Tastefully Offensive
Source: Reddit

What I hope the iPhone will become

Apple released a new video advertising the capabilities of the iPhone. In line with Apple's style of promoting their products, they show how the device becomes what the user needs it to be, essentially becoming invisible. Here's the video:

When I watched it for the first time, I kept thinking how some of the apps the the accessories are the first steps towards turning the iPhone (which is already a PADD) into this:

tricorderunbox4 by Bobbie Johnson, on Flickr

Sure, there have been examples of hardware that adds one or two diagnostic tools to smartphones (see here and here), not to mention the capabilities the right software adds, but I really can't wait to have the scanning features a concept like this offers in the palm of my hand.