Whimsicality? You have no idea?

Absolutely ludicrous.

A view I've walked past numerous times before

… today somehow caught my eye while I was taking a walk.

Fußpfad zu Campus 2

My thoughts on Satya Nadella telling women to trust karma to get the raise they deserve

Apparently he suffered from a classic case of foot-in-mouth disease at the time and I hope for his sake and the sake of the company he's been appointed to lead, that he's not that stupid.

Anyway, here's what I thought when I read about this yesterday evening:

CSI meme — Karma is a Bitch

Two recent purchases

Two photo books that I bought recently

Both feature incredibly beautiful pictures and are well made.

Here are the ISBN numbers:
'Maddie On Things': 978-1452115566
'Underwater Dogs' (English version): 978-0316227704

A good way to spend 8 minutes

"1964. An ordinary day turns out to be anything but, when Joe comes home to find out that his wife Betty hasn't been cooking dinner. And there's a very good reason for that."

THE SHIFT from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

If you need more convincing: It has Molly C. Quinn in it.