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Photos December 2015


This next one shows nicely why I like ultra wide-angle lenses so much: you can achieve unusual perspectives, especially when getting close to your subject.






And my favourite one for last:
Bijou got really comfortable on the couch while we were eating. I couldn't help but grab the camera.


Photos November 2015

I decided to switch things up a bit and post my favourite snapshots by the month.

This goes hand in hand with changing the photo storage service, being in the process of moving all of my photos to SmugMug because Flickr has become quite unstable for me and I frequently can't access some of my photos.

Here are the remaining snapshots from November 2015:


Pferdeschnute (S-Planar 60mm)

DSCF2777 (XF35mmF2 R WR)


The new 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer looks promising

I have to say that up until now I wasn't particularly looking forward to new Star Trek movie. Even though I loved the previous two films, the first trailer for this next chapter of the Star Trek saga looked too much like The Fast and the Furious and not enough like Star Trek.

I realise that the new movies are more heavily focussed on action and entertainment—and I'm all for that—but it'd be sad to see the legacy of what made Star Trek such an amazing universe be ignored to create another action flick.

This second trailer gives me hope because we see a few glimpses of the character development the movie might bring with it, some manner of violent commentary about the Federation's expansion, and a plot that appears less straight-forward than the first trailer made it seem.

Take a look for yourself.