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The Verge review: Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft has really come into its own as a computer manufacturer in recent years — the Surface Studio is another example of that. When it was announced in late October, I thought it was a brilliant idea. It's such an interesting and well executed device, I'm kind of sad that I have absolutely no use for one.

For the niche Microsoft is trying to capture with this flagship device, it will likely be a welcome alternative to using a PC or Mac with a Wacom pen display or tablet.

This review by the Tom Warren over on The Verge provides an in-depth look at the device, the usage modes, and its shortcomings and is well worth watching.

Activity Sharing — my favourite Apple Watch feature

Today my Apple Watch recommended I increase my daily calorie goal. Again. Ugh.

I've reached my activity goals every day for the past 43 days and it's starting to show. A big part of what keeps me motivated each day, is Activity Sharing: a feature that allows me to privately, securely, and easily share my daily progress with friends and colleagues.

It is really cool that a friend of mine from Australia and I can engage in some healthy—no pun intended—competition and help each other stay on track.

Along with the increased activity, I started slowly changing my diet. So far, I've simply reduced the amount of sweets I eat and substituted some of the carbs I usually eat with slightly fattier foods.

Besides being generally fitter and more alert, I find that all the exercise really helps with my mood and motivation throughout the day.

The Apple Watch has been great as a fitness tracker for me in the past six months but Activity Sharing improved on this a lot.

Now I need to get up and get moving because the dog just woke up; she wants to go for a walk and I have a couple hundred calories to burn before I fill that ring today.