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Photos February 2016

I'm inching closer to September 2016 with my snapshot posts. Quick as a snail.


Walking the dogs always gives you the nicest opportunities to test out camera features like continuous focus. These two were running full speed at me and the camera tracked Bijou (the big one) very well considering I was shooting in dim light at ƒ/2 with the XF56mmF1.2 R.

Weidenkätzchen im Wind

Cold weather? Check
Dim light at dusk? Check
Shallow depth of field? Check
I do enjoy taking photos like this.


Favourite pastime for the dogs: sleeping. They just look too darn cute when they're exhausted from a long walk.

Abends am Uni-Teich 02

I saw this scene, rushed home with the dog, grabbed my tripod and camera, and ran back hoping the moon hadn't wandered too to get this shot.

Mika im Sitzsack

This is another one of those pictures that perfectly captures Mika's character. She's lying in the bean bag chair, completely relaxed, looking like she owns it.
Considering that she's a rescue from Romania where she lived off trash and meat scraps for a long time, she's become quite the diva.

Kenzo World commercial

It's rare to see a well made commercial outside of the U.S. Super Bowl but this one, for the French fashion company Kenzo, certainly qualifies.

The ad—if you can still really call it that at a duration of 3:48—features the actress Margaret Qualley leaving a boring formal event and breaking into an impressive dance performance.

If you just watched this and thought it kinda reminded you of the video for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" with Christopher Walken, that's not a coincidence because the director, Spike Jonze, was responsible for that one, too. Slashfilm has an article with more information about the video and, of course, people on the internet made several video comparisons of this ad and the Weapon of Choice video. The following is just one of them:

Steve Huff remembers the Sony Cybershot DSC-F707

Flashback 2001: Remembering an early Digital Camera. The Sony F707.

I stumbled across this article while drinking my morning coffee and smiled all the way through.

Back in 2001 I was working part-time at an electronics retailer in Mainz, Germany besides school. At that time, digital cameras were found in the computer department and not with film cameras.

The F707 was a small marvel. It looked utterly alien for a camera even back then and boasted a few incredible features like proper infrared night vision that could either work on its own or a a focussing aid in almost complete darkness. It also had a LASER focussing system which was insanely cool and worked quite well.

Back then, Sony reclaimed goods if they weren't sold in stores after a while and before that happened, they were usually offered to store employees at a heavy discount. I snagged the one remaining F707 we had in the store, making this not only my first digital camera but my first own camera, period.

It holds a special place in my heart and the fact that it still works is just bonus.

Photos January 2016

I'll need to publish these photo posts more often, so I can catch up to the current month at some point :D

January was a pretty quiet month in terms of photography until I went to a company conference but the conference will get its own post.


This photo happened during an early look at the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the XF100-400 tele zoom lens, I was lucky to get.


I rarely use the Classic Chrome film simulation but I feel that this shot came out really nice, benefitting from the slightly subdued blue tones.


And that last one is the obligatory dog picture. This time of a very sleepy Mika who really doesn't like being told not to sleep on the bed.