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One of the things I enjoy about working remotely

One of the founders of the company I've been working for since late 2013 recently posted this article into our company chat:

10 years of remote working. This is what I have learned so far.
by Martín Pérez

For anyone considering working remotely or already doing so, it should be an interesting and potentially illuminating read. I've been thinking about this same topic a lot in recent months and I'm no stranger to the challenges of this kind of work style. The day after I read the article, however, I experienced once again one of the things that I love about working from home:

I had slept badly the night before, hardly getting any rest and felt mentally exhausted and slow. At some point, after realising that I had just looked up a word in a German–English dictionary that I had just written in an email moments before, I said to myself, "Fuck it!"  
So I closed down my computer (it was 14:00), put on some sports clothing, and did a 30-minute high intensity interval training. After that, properly physically exhausted, I took a shower, ate a light meal, prepared and drank a big mug of coffee, and had a coffee nap. This bit of self care then allowed me to continue work for the next four hours fully concentrated and focused.

The freedom to structure my work day how I need, taking into account my strengths, weaknesses, habits, and the simple fact that I'm human, is a massive advantage of working remotely in my book.