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I binged the third season of She-Ra yesterday

… and it was one of the best bits of TV I watched recently. Noelle Stevenson, together with Dreamworks and Netflix, have created something really special.
All of the characters have depth, clear motivations, and agency and you don't see any of the typical tropes you'd expect in popular animated shows or shows that appear to be aimed at kids/teens on the surface.

Promotional poster for the third season of She-Ra by Dreamworks and Netflix

All storylines from season two have an impact on the new season and the themes of friendship and betrayal, duty and perceived destiny, self-esteem and the need to belong, carry over and continue to inform the actions of the characters.
Even with this heavy focus on the characters and their relationships, each episode moves the main storyline forward, towards a clear confrontation with high stakes at the end.

I don't feel like I even need to say much about the animation style and quality; it's that good.

This was an absolute delight and I can't recommend this reimagination of She-Ra highly enough. Without spoiling anything, the last episode opens up the universe of the series and I already look forward to season four.

Steven Colbert interviews Hannah Gadsby

… and it's one of the best interviews he's ever done. Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian who rose to fame with her Netflix Special "Nanette" (if you haven't watched it, yet, do so, it's amazing).

She's one of the few people who has managed to leave Stephen speechless and grapsing for words. It's absolutely delightful.

Last Week Tonight segment on vaccines

There are many people who are against vaccinating themselves or their children. Most often they're afraid of adverse effects attributed to vaccines by hacks, liars, and profiteers of fear and confusion. The fact that close to all of these adverse effects have never been successfully linked to vaccinations or were straight-up lies doesn't help to convince them.

Please show them this video, it may help prevent their kids from dying or being disabled for life from contracting a preventable disease.