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San Diego Comic Con has happened and there was so much Star Trek news, I'm still giddy and grinning. To me, the most exciting thing was the new trailer for Star Trek: Picard.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was the series I grew up with. One of my English teachers introduced our class to it as a listening comprehension exercise and I fell for the series and the universe fast and hard. Even now TNG holds a special place in my heart and the old lady NCC-1701-D is still my favourite ship — closely followed by the Defiant, the Prometheus, and the Timeship Relativity, thank you for asking.

There's also a very, very selfish reason why I'm looking forward to the series:
It might give me a chance to meet Patrick Stewart in person at a future Star Trek convention, something I've wanted for more than two decades. There are only a handful of actors I admire as much as him and even fewer that I feel the irrational desire to meet.

The few hints dropped about Star Trek: Discovery are few and far and I'm really hoping they continue with the ambitious way of storytelling they begun in the first two seasons. I wasn't sceptical at all going into Discovery but I also had no expectations and I came out of both seasons positively surprised, which is always a good thing. Then there's going to be the Short Treks focusing on the crew of the Enterprise led by Captain Pike and to this I can only say: Stop screwing with my emotions and give me a series with this crew, already!

Last but definitely not least is the announcement of Star Trek: Lower Decks. The Lower Decks episode in TNG was great and having an animated series about the lower ranked crew members of a Federation starship, maybe with some zaniness reminiscent of John Scalzi's Redshirts thrown in, can only be a good thing.

I can't wait for all of this to arrive on my TV.

The new 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer looks promising

I have to say that up until now I wasn't particularly looking forward to new Star Trek movie. Even though I loved the previous two films, the first trailer for this next chapter of the Star Trek saga looked too much like The Fast and the Furious and not enough like Star Trek.

I realise that the new movies are more heavily focussed on action and entertainment—and I'm all for that—but it'd be sad to see the legacy of what made Star Trek such an amazing universe be ignored to create another action flick.

This second trailer gives me hope because we see a few glimpses of the character development the movie might bring with it, some manner of violent commentary about the Federation's expansion, and a plot that appears less straight-forward than the first trailer made it seem.

Take a look for yourself.

A working bluetooth Star Trek communicator

Yes, this is soon going to be a reality.

Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset. Image courtesy of

The Wand Company’s Star Trek Original Series Communicator is the most accurate replica ever made, designed using the first ever structured-light 3D scans taken of the Alpha Hero Prop, crammed full of advanced technology, bringing new levels of action and immersion for Star Trek fans of all ages. • First fully working wireless Communicator • Bluetooth® Handset for pairing with Bluetooth® enabled mobile cellular phones • Made in response to countless requests from Star Trek fans all over the world. • Constructed from pressed metal, die cast metal, machined aluminum and textured ABS to replicate the original hero prop • Magnetic stand, with metal base and multi-colour LED charge status illumination • Built-in lithium polymer battery with wireless charging, just place on stand to automatically charge the power cell • High quality molded polyurethane foam-lined transit case • High quality speaker, great for hands-free calls and even playing music streaming from any bluetooth enabled audio player • high quality MEMS microphone for crystal clear call quality.


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