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Last Week Tonight segment on vaccines

There are many people who are against vaccinating themselves or their children. Most often they're afraid of adverse effects attributed to vaccines by hacks, liars, and profiteers of fear and confusion. The fact that close to all of these adverse effects have never been successfully linked to vaccinations or were straight-up lies doesn't help to convince them.

Please show them this video, it may help prevent their kids from dying or being disabled for life from contracting a preventable disease.

Ged Maheux's response to creationists demanding "balance" on FOX's COSMOS

Gedeon Maheux wrote a great article in response to some creationist group's complaint about COSMOS — which airs on FOX of all places. Here's my favourite quote:

The irony is so thick in this story you could cut it with a knife. For those people who continually ignore the scientific method and established facts about our world and universe to suddenly complain because they themselves are being ignored is nothing short of poetic justice.

Possible evidence for the Big Bang found

In the most anticipated announcement in physics since the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the first detection of a gravitational wave has been reported. If verified, the find will dispel any lingering doubts about Relativity theory, transform our understanding of the universe's beginning and provide astrophysicists with a new tool to probe the universe. The importance of the detection is hard to overstate.

If this discovery can be verified, the effects it will have on astronomy, cosmology and astrophysics are hard to put into words.
First the Higgs Boson and now this. Wow, just wow.

Read the entire article at I fucking love Science

Bryan Chaffin debunks falsehoods and misinformation spread by the NCPPR

Remember the NCPPR?
The National Center for Public Policy Research?
The organisation that's denying climate change?
The organisation that received quite a bit of press after Tim Cook got angry during Apple's last shareholder conference, about their demands that Apple would only do things that are good for the bottom line of the company?
The organisation that was told by Tim Cook to get out of the AAPL stock if they didn't like the way Apple operates?

Well, they wrote a rebuttal after the shareholder conference, accusing Apple of only faking ecological responsibility and Tim Cook only faking anger when he told the NCPPR off.
It's pretty much what you'd expect from an organisation like this.

Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer wrote a great editorial in response to their rebuttal, outlining all the falsehoods they spread. Read it, it's well worth your time.