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Photos July 2016

More fun with the MCEX-16 macro extension tube for my camera. All of the close-up shots were shot without a tripod.

Small thorns on a flower



The below shot of the dove is just a nice example of the great dynamic range offered by Fujifilm's X-Trans sensors. In the original picture the sky and parts of the trees were blown out. Reducing the highlights in the internal RAW converter in the X-Pro2 brought them back nicely.


Eddycam 35mm camera strap + Peak Design Anchor Links

My favourite camera strap by a long shot is the Eddycam Edition "35mm" in all black. It's comfortable, robust, and the design is understated. I bought it alongside my Fujifilm X-Pro2 last year and kept it on the camera since then.

As much as I like this strap, there are two downsides to carrying my camera with a strap attached to the eyelets on either side of the body:

  • When using heavier lenses on the body, the camera becomes front-heavy, making it dangle uncomfortably when carried over the shoulder, around the neck, and diagonally across the body.
  • I can't switch to using a wrist strap in those rare situations when I want to and wrapping the neck strap around my wrist is impractical and doesn't give me the secure feeling a wrist strap does.

After a bit of searching for a quick-release solution to attach my Eddycam to, I ended up with the Peak Design Anchor Links. I have a couple Peak Design camera accessories and straps and their quick connectors are second to none. The system is a bit bulky which was my one small, but ultimately unfounded, concern about pairing the Anchor Links with the Eddycam 35mm strap: it might've ruined the clean looks of the X-Pro2 + black Eddycam strap combination.

X-Pro2 + Eddycam + Peak Design 01

The big benefit of using a quick connector system like the Peak Design Anchor Links, is having a new option to carry my camera when attaching larger lenses like the XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR zoom, or the XF90mmF2 R LM WR. If I'm going to be using either of those lenses for a significant amount of time, I always attach the additional hand grip MHG-XPRO2 to my camera, which has a little gap on the right side of the base that is perfect for attaching one of the Anchor Disks — I'm honestly not sure if this is an intentional feature of the hand grip, but it's undeniably useful :)

X-Pro2 + Eddycam + Peak Design 02

With the strap attached to one of the eyelets on the camera and the small gap in the hand grip, the camera will now hang vertically on my side, making the combination more stable and comfortable to carry.

X-Pro2 + Eddycam + Peak Design 03

I'm really happy with the result of this experiment and the increased versatility of this camera strap setup. The only thing missing now is an Eddycam wrist strap with an Anchor Link, as I don't find the Peak Design wrist strap very comfortable.

Photos June 2016

I had taken delivery of a Fujifilm MCEX-16 Macro Extension tube this month and once again, my dogs showed incredible patience while I learned to operate some of my lenses with the extension tube ;)



Of course the amazing weather of late spring provided more than a few great photo opportunities.

Overview of the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 & X-T2 firmware

The Fuji Guys Canada posted a video walkthrough of the new firmware for the X-Pro2 (v3.0) and X-T2 (v2.0) on youtube.

If you own either of these cameras, it's a good way to get to know the new features, improvements, and changes.

Fujifilm's practice of constantly evolving their cameras using firmware updates is something that gives me a really good feeling as a customer of theirs. With each major update my Fujifilm cameras have gained meaningful new features, felt snappier than before, saw gains in autofocus, continuous autofocus, or reduced electronic viewfinder blackout times.

Photos May 2016

May was a month full of snapshots and test shots.
A friend of mine lent me his Fujifilm X-Pro2 for testing. I was going to go to the south-west of France for a few weeks and despite wanting a X-T2, I couldn't get the X-Pro2 out of my head. After a week of putting it through its paces, it turned out to be a love at second sight situation. I bought the camera shortly after and it's been my (daily) photography companion ever since.


One of the things I really love about Fujifilm cameras are the film simulations — which is a fancy way of saying it has filters, just like Instagram :)
The X-Pro2 added the black & white Acros film simulation and it was one of the things I was most curious about when I was testing the X-Pro2.


Mika, our smaller dog, was a very patient test subject, at least when she was comfortably lying on the couch (below) or in the bean bag chair (above).

DSCF0119 (Acros-G)

The way Acros handles shadows and noisier sections of an image really is something. Of course, I did shoot a couple of pictures in colour, too.

DSCF0198 (Velvia, Schatten +1)



The photo above is another one of those shots that just hammers home why the XF23mmF1.4 R is my favourite lens. It makes taking pictures like this effortless and fun.


Photos April 2016

I love spring. It's one of my two favourite seasons of the year. Everything in one's environment becomes more interesting, more lively again.

Bf Bonn Helmholtzstraße


I shot this on one of the tracks we take less often for walking the dog. It was fairly late in the evening and the sun was beginning to set, resulting in a beautiful light across the green fields.


Quick snapshot taken coming out of the sushi place on the Petrisberg in Trier.

Photos March 2016

Turns Out™, I'm not putting up photo posts often enough. It's March 2017 and I'm finally showing pictures I took about a year ago.

Gelbe Tulpen vorm Fenster

Yellow tulips in front of a window. The way the afternoon light shone through the petals caught my eye.

Windows frontage of the Trier University highrise

This was a test shot with a new wide-angle lens I had bought, checking it for distortions. Goes to show that sometimes the most mundane things can look really nice.

Mika's front paws

Taking a short break on a walk with my dogs, the little dog finally got comfortable on the wooden lounger we sat down on. Mika is a sweet dog and her little paws always remind me more of a cat's than a dog's. This isn't helped by the fact that she tends to behave like a cat sometimes. She's a rescue that a family member adopted when she was already about four years old and I always suspected that she grew up with cats.


Another snapshot from a walk with the dogs. I really love how the sun lit up the green woven metal benches.

Photos February 2016

I'm inching closer to September 2016 with my snapshot posts. Quick as a snail.


Walking the dogs always gives you the nicest opportunities to test out camera features like continuous focus. These two were running full speed at me and the camera tracked Bijou (the big one) very well considering I was shooting in dim light at ƒ/2 with the XF56mmF1.2 R.

Weidenkätzchen im Wind

Cold weather? Check
Dim light at dusk? Check
Shallow depth of field? Check
I do enjoy taking photos like this.


Favourite pastime for the dogs: sleeping. They just look too darn cute when they're exhausted from a long walk.

Abends am Uni-Teich 02

I saw this scene, rushed home with the dog, grabbed my tripod and camera, and ran back hoping the moon hadn't wandered too to get this shot.

Mika im Sitzsack

This is another one of those pictures that perfectly captures Mika's character. She's lying in the bean bag chair, completely relaxed, looking like she owns it.
Considering that she's a rescue from Romania where she lived off trash and meat scraps for a long time, she's become quite the diva.

Steve Huff remembers the Sony Cybershot DSC-F707

Flashback 2001: Remembering an early Digital Camera. The Sony F707.

I stumbled across this article while drinking my morning coffee and smiled all the way through.

Back in 2001 I was working part-time at an electronics retailer in Mainz, Germany besides school. At that time, digital cameras were found in the computer department and not with film cameras.

The F707 was a small marvel. It looked utterly alien for a camera even back then and boasted a few incredible features like proper infrared night vision that could either work on its own or a a focussing aid in almost complete darkness. It also had a LASER focussing system which was insanely cool and worked quite well.

Back then, Sony reclaimed goods if they weren't sold in stores after a while and before that happened, they were usually offered to store employees at a heavy discount. I snagged the one remaining F707 we had in the store, making this not only my first digital camera but my first own camera, period.

It holds a special place in my heart and the fact that it still works is just bonus.

Photos January 2016

I'll need to publish these photo posts more often, so I can catch up to the current month at some point :D

January was a pretty quiet month in terms of photography until I went to a company conference but the conference will get its own post.


This photo happened during an early look at the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the XF100-400 tele zoom lens, I was lucky to get.


I rarely use the Classic Chrome film simulation but I feel that this shot came out really nice, benefitting from the slightly subdued blue tones.


And that last one is the obligatory dog picture. This time of a very sleepy Mika who really doesn't like being told not to sleep on the bed.