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Steven Colbert interviews Hannah Gadsby

… and it's one of the best interviews he's ever done. Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian who rose to fame with her Netflix Special "Nanette" (if you haven't watched it, yet, do so, it's amazing).

She's one of the few people who has managed to leave Stephen speechless and grapsing for words. It's absolutely delightful.

I paid Andy Zaltzman to tell a lie about me

… and after many months he finally delivered.

The Bugle is one of my absolute favourite podcasts and I've been listening to it for about ten years now. A while back the podcast went independent again and they introduced an option to send donations. I opted for the GBP 10.— per month voluntary subscription which includes the perk of Andy telling a lie about you.

It took a while but in episode 4116, it was my turn and it was a good lie. If you want to hear it, you can find the epsiode on the Bugle homepage or you can listen to the bit directly on

Last Week Tonight segment on Authoritarianism

Another brilliant segment produced by John Oliver's team. It's something people in the U.S. should watch because their country is being turned into an authoritarian regime piece by piece, day by day. The institutions John Oliver mentions as protecting U.S. citizens from the bad impulses of Trump are being steadily dismantled by him and his cronies.

If the people this country don't stand up and start to work against it, they will soon find themselves in a country with no law but the word of their Führer. The poor sods who helped him gain power, the ones cheering for him at his Nuremberg Rally rallies, cheering for the abuse he screams at the press, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and any other enemy-of-the-day Trump conjures, will be the first to suffer once the economy plummets completely because the kleptocratic swamp Trump has created looted the country for everything that it was worth, and they will be the first ones he sends to die if he starts a war to distract from his domestic failures.

The dulcet tones of a husky

I love dogs, I believe that we humans don't deserve these amazing companions, and I'm also acutely aware that when considering a husky as a family member, you have to take into account how communicative they can be.

So without further ado, I present the husky fire alarm: