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Reducing my utilization of Amazon products, step 1

I just cancelled my Amazon Prime membership.

As for so many other people, using Amazon's consumer facing services has started to leave a bad taste in my mouth, seeing how atrociously they treat warehouse staff, the negative impact their business has on the delivery drivers of various logistics companies, and the myriad of other small or large bad things this company is doing or is complicit in because it makes them money.

A few weeks ago I received an email telling me that the credit card Amazon had on file for Prime membership payments was no longer valid and to update the payment settings lest I want to lose my Prime benefits by 12 January 2019.
The holidays gave me some time to think about how many of Amazon's services I use daily and consciously and I found that it was too many. Ignoring Amazon services I use by proxy, like AWS servers, here goes:

  • Amazon.de and Amazon Marketplace for shopping
  • Amazon Prime for fast shipping
  • Amazon Prime Video for streaming
  • Amazon Kindle for reading ebooks
  • Amazon's Audible for audio books.

With cancelling my Amazon Prime membership, I'm losing access to Prime shipping and Prime Video. Since I've started reducing the amount of things I buy on or through Amazon about a year ago, the former isn't too much of a loss for me. When streaming through Amazon Prime, my partner and I have used her Prime account anyway, so there's no loss for me there, either, until she makes a decision regarding her Amazon Prime account. This could happen sooner rather than later because we use Netflix much more than Prime Video.

It's going to be interesting to see how easy it'll be eschewing shopping on Amazon.de entirely and choosing different online shops but I'm not worried about this. The more difficult task will be finding proper replacements for getting ebooks comfortably and finding a good ereader for them. Finding a replacement for Audible will be similarly difficult. And with the latter two there's also the problem of DRM for the things I've already bought on the platforms.

Der Heise Verlag ist toll!

Seit knapp zwölf Jahren abonniere und lese ich die c’t. Mit der Bestellung des iPad 2 wollte ich natürlich von dem Angebot des Heise Verlags Gebrauch machen, die Zeitschrift auch auf dem iPad lesen zu können.

Also habe ich, noch bevor das Gerät bei mir eingetroffen ist, einen Eintrag in Things gesetzt, der mich daran erinnern sollte mein Konto auf ein Plus-Abo-Konto hoch zu stufen.

Dummerweise hat das in der Online-Abo-Verwaltung von Heise nicht funktioniert.
Den Grund dafür erfuhr ich heute Morgen als ich beim Abo-Service anrief:
Ich habe bereits ein Plus-Abo. Alle Kunden, die für ein Abo zahlten, bei dem die Archiv-CD/DVD mit inbegriffen war, sind automatisch zu Plus-Abonnenten geworden.

So gefällt mir das.

Danke ihr Leute von Heise.

P.S.: Aber die c’t-Applikation kann noch etwas Arbeit vertragen ;)