Using SRAM NX Eagle on a cyclocross bike (road bike)

The purpose of this brief entry is to document that the use of a complete SRAM NX Eagle groupset, including a DUB standard crankset works in CX/road bikes.
While doing research for my bicycle rebuild project I did not find any useful information online or by calling bike shops and mechanics. Instead I only came across some vague hints from SRAM that the chainlines of the NX Eagle and the SRAM road bike groups (Apex, Rival, Force, etc.) are different and that using the robust and cheaper MTB groupset on CX/gravel/road bikes is a no-no.

During assembly it quickly became apparent that the chainline in gears 6 and 7 (out of 12) was pretty much perfectly straight, which also means that the angle of the chain in the lowest and highest gears is within the specifications of SRAM.
Of course, all of this depends on the components and the frame of the respective bike, so here are the details of my setup as a point of reference:

  • Rear axle width: 135 mm with quick release (142 mm with thru axle)
  • Spacer between cassette and spokes: 2 mm
  • Cassette: SRAM NX Eagle PG-1230 (12-speed, 11-50 teeth)
  • Bottom bracket shell width: 86.5 mm
  • Inside diameter of the bottom bracket shell: 41 mm
  • Bottom bracket: SRAM DUB bottom bracket PressFit PF41 BB86 Road
  • Crankset: SRAM NX Eagle DUB crank 1x12, X-SYNC 2 Direct Mount, chainring with 6 mm offset
  • Spacers at the bottom bracket: right 6 mm, left 3 mm + use of preload adjuster

SRAM NX Eagle on Inflite AL close-up