Reducing my utilization of Amazon products, step 3

After cancelling my Amazon Prime membership and making efforts not to shop on if at all possible, and having changed the way I handle Audible audiobooks, the last two pieces of the puzzle concerned my Kindle.

These two pieces for me are: 1. letting go of the Kindle and finding a different device/app to read ebooks and 2. finding a new source for ebooks in the future.

With the lessons I learned in dealing with Audible audiobooks and making them easier to use for me across all of my devices, getting Kindle ebooks into a state allowing me to untether from the Kindle itself was quite easy and a personal use backup of my entire library of Kindle ebooks was quickly set up.  

There are many good ways to read ebooks and my current choice is the Books app on iOS devices. I‘m happy with the reading experience and should I want an E Ink display again in the future, there are a good number of E Ink-based ePub format-compatible eReaders that are close enough in display resolution and hardware quality to the Kindle Paperwhite.

Obtaining ebooks is a different, less headache-inducing matter. Unlike audiobooks, where Amazon has a de facto monopoly with Audible, ebooks are regulated differently in Germany: we have a fixed book price that applies to (e)books, which mitigates competition based on price in the German market and prevents absolute market dominance from Amazon. With price differences not being a consideration, there's a wealth of places to buy ebooks from.  

There is a catch, though: outside of the Kindle store many publishers insist on ineffective and reader-hostile Adobe DRM. I'm going to try to favour those that either don‘t use DRM at all or simply add a watermark to ebooks. Still, Adobe DRM isn‘t more difficult to handle than Kindle DRM and not buying from Amazon is big enough of a benefit for me to tolerate Adobe DRM for a moment after purchase.

I‘ve already bought two ebooks in the online shop of my book retailer around the corner and getting them into Apples Books app was a breeze. I‘m going to sell my Kinde Paperwhite in the next few days.