Working on my Bedrock Sandals tan.


Head of a small dog half in shadow, its whiskers illuminated, forest scenery in the background

Clip-on aero bars or lightweight toast carrier? You decide.

A packet of toast resting on the clip-on aero bars of a bicycle

Ok, I may have (wilfully) underestimated how much harder a switch from a 32- to a 36-tooth (oval) chainring would make climbing the local hills but it was still a really nice gravel ride.

I’m still discovering this new region I live in and this view was offered to me on a recent longer bike ride.

Looking into a valley past a bench around a tree

She’s cute and she damn well knows it. That’s her “What are you doing? Can we continue with the hike, please?” look she sometimes gets when I take too long taking pictures.

Mika looking mildly annoyed

I felt good after the ride yesterday but my legs are quite empty today. Huh.

Map of 25 May 2020 ride

Himmelreich from above

Walked past these super relaxed cows on my Sunday hike. The meadow they were on was fenced off on the one side and had a stream on the other side. They looked like they’re vacationing.

Cows relaxing on a meadow

This little, new blackbirb was sunbathing and warming its butt on warm tiles of our terrace a few days back. Smart birb.

Blackbird sunbathing on tiles warmed by the sun

These two titanium Wolftooth Morse Cages just replaced the magnetic Fidlock bottles I had on there. When shouldering my bike, I’ve sometimes detached the Fidlock bottles in the most inexpedient moments. Moving the otherwise rock-solid Fidlock system to my road bike.

Well, now I finally know where Oreos come from.

brown cows with a wide white vertical stripe in the middle on a meadow

This is Mowgli, the neighbour’s cat. He’s checking if the coast is clear to take a poop in our garden or if our dog Bijou is around.

Cat looking over wooden fence