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The power of STDs.

It’s funny unacceptable because it’s sexist, sex-negative, slutshaming crap.

The message of this macro is “These women are successful/wealthy and comfortable with their sexualities. This is bad; we must shame them and so prevent others from becoming like them.” I hope I don’t have to explain further why that’s not an acceptable message.

(And for the record, I despise each of these women; Paris Hilton’s responses to John McCain still tickles me a bit, but I feel they’ve contributed little else to society. I just believe there’s a world of difference between attacking them on the basis of what they’ve accomplished and attacking them on the basis that they’re sexually confident women.)

I understand and completely agree with the argument that one should not make fun of them simply because these women are “successful/wealthy and comfortable with their sexualities”, that is indeed the wrong message and not something I wanted to convey with reblogging this particular image.

But let me explain:

On the one hand each one of them —and each in her own way— has made money by portraying a way of life that is based upon ignorance, lack of respect for other people and their feelings, disrespect for the law, elitism and often the absence of self-respect.

On the other hand each one of them is a business woman knows how to drum up publicity and play the media. Especially in the case of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton I found it interesting, how their actions and reactions challenged the public perception of what is appropriate for women and what isn’t. To be blunt, they behaved like frat boys, took what they wanted and didn’t take crap from anybody.

The direction I’m coming from is Schadenfreude, a strong dislike for each of them and ironically, a certain respect for them.
“TO THE SLUTCAVE” references the sentence “To the Batcave!” from the classic Batman television series and connects these three women to a well-liked superhero, capturing my feelings towards them rather nicely.