Interesting new features in Lion

I’ve been going through the complete feature list for OS X Lion, Apple posted.

Apart from the “big” features that were announced during the Keynote, like Auto Save, Versions, Launchpad and Mission Control, there are a few features I believe will benefit many users:

  • FileVault 2: Apple has rewritten this part of the OS, now providing full disk encryption for internal and external drives, with supposedly minor performance drawbacks.
  • Finder: Either you like or you dislike the Finder, but contrary to what some people might say, Apple does continue to improve it. Interesting new features include;
    • search tokens, a new way to approach filtering in searches
    • merging two folders with the same name into one
    • the ability to create a folder from files selected
    • (big one) non-destructive copying and pasting, which means that if a user copies or pastes a file into a folder that already contains a file with the same name, you’re going to have the option to keep both files; until now, the file inside the folder was simply overwritten.
  • iCal: The neatest new feature is the ability to add new events in regular language, although I’m curious how fast they can localise this feature. Other things worth mentioning is a heat map, which shows a measure of the users availability throughout the day and a year view.
  • Internet Restore and Utilities: Lion will add a recovery partition to the Mac, which will provide the option restore the system without the need for optical media. Recovery mode also includes Safari, so users can browse Twitter while waiting support sites.
  • Networking: Lion will provide a low power wake option, wherein a Mac can wake up for backups or file sharing actions without activating USB devices or the monitor. Here’s me hoping this will somehow work for iTunes Home Sharing requests from an iPad or iPhone.
  • Text: This might not be interesting for most users, but a character picker, which allows quick entry of accented characters and improved auto correction will undoubtedly come in handy. I‘m also happy about the improved Chinese input method and improved simplified Chinese handwriting recognition.
  • Other Features: Resizing windows from any edge will be possible — to which I can only say: Fucking finally! — and scrollbars will now only appear when needed.

It’s definitely worth going through the entire list, as there are a lot of changes and improvements in this next iteration of OS X.