A snail — or; the reason why I love the iPhone's camera

This morning I went hiking. Nothing strenuous, just a short 15 km trip from the village of Kordel to the village of Biewer, through the woods, visiting a few scenic spots along the way.

I haven't been there before, so I wanted to take my trusty Panasonic DMC-LX3 with me. Unfortunately the battery way empty and so I had to leave with the iPhone 4S as my only camera. Now, apart from taking my first real panorama shot with iOS 6's panorama feature,

I managed to take a really nice picture of a snail I encountered on an asphalted way:

The picture above is unaltered. The exposure is far from ideal, but the conditions weren't ideal either; it was very light and still very hazy. The distance was about 10 cm.
I'm very happy about the amount of detail the iPhone was able to capture and the depth of field effect which I'm not really used to when taking pictures with the iPhone.

For quite a while now I've been giving all of the shots I like a short treatment in Aperture immediately after importing them—two minutes of retouching can improve a digital picture immensely—and this photo received it, too. The result looks like this:

The alterations made were pretty simple: I added a polarisation filter and improved exposure and contrast, really nothing fancy. I like the result, especially considering that this is based on an eight megapixel picture from a smartphone camera.

I'm also releasing these pictures on a CC licence in their full resolution for anybody who'd like to use them.